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Production Time: Excited for your new pins? You'll have them in your hands in just 4 weeks! If you just can't wait, feel free to get in touch and we'll explore some speedy options just for you!

Enamel Colors: Get ready to dazzle with up to 8 vibrant enamel colors included in your base price! Have a rainbow of colors in mind? No worries, we’re here to accommodate your colorful vision for a small additional fee. If your design is bursting with more than 8 colors, we'll touch base with you to chat about the small extra charge.

Printed Colors: Please note, the base price doesn't cover digital prints or screen printing, but we'd be thrilled to discuss options to bring your intricate designs to life. If you've got more than an 8-color medley happening, we'll reach out to talk about any additional costs.

Base Material: Our iron base pins offer great quality at a friendly price. Dreaming of brass or zinc alloy instead? We can certainly arrange that for a tiny bit more.

Attachment: Your stunning pins come with a choice of a butterfly clutch (in glamorous gold or sleek silver) or a comfy black rubber clutch. Fancy something different? Check out our additional here—we're here to make your pin dreams come true!

Product Thickness: We offer a standard thickness of 1.2MM for our lapel pins, providing a sturdy and substantial feel. If you're craving something heftier, just let us know!

Pin Packaging: Each of your precious pins will be nestled in a clear poly bag for safekeeping. If you’re envisioning a different type of nesting, we’ve got a variety of packaging options we'd be happy to discuss!

Got Special Requests? We’re all ears! If you have any special tweaks or customizations in mind, simply fill out our contact form and we'll tailor a quote to your unique vision!

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We accept JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, SVG and EPS files up to 18 MBs.

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