Custom designed coins can serve a wide variety of uses and needs. Commemorative coins are a unique way to celebrate a special event, memorial, anniversary, achievement, or distinction. Challenge coins are often used by military units, law enforcement departments, fire departments, para-military organizations, and clubs to show membership or affiliation. Custom designed coins can also be used as award medallions for contests and other competitive events. Geocaching coins are the most recently popular uses for custom designed coins.

  • Key Features

    Created with your choice of brass, zinc-alloy, or economy priced iron, custom designed coins are two sided and display a logo, insignia, or other significant image or message in the base metal, other metallic plating, or brightly colored with enamel. Customized coins can be of varying sizes, shapes, and finishes.

  • Popular Uses

    Popular with exclusive membership groups, organizations, units, and clubs to prove membership or association. They are, also, popular give-away items at trade shows and conventions for a variety of businesses and organizations. And they are commonly used as award markers for competitions.

How Do We Make Our Custom Challenge Coins?

Cast from durable materials sure to last a lifetime and plated in your choice of preferred finishes, custom designed coins are a great way to showcase your logo, insignia, design, message, special date, or unique event. Whether you are just looking for something a little different than plain business cards or are upholding a long standing tradition, custom designed coins are the perfect fit. Finish off a great presentation by, also, ordering special packaging to protect or display your freshly minted coins.

Need Some Inspiration?

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