Bottle Openers

Custom bottle openers have to be one of the most used and well-appreciated promotional products you can buy. As a standalone opener, they are sure to make a wide impression at parties and backyard gatherings, as they are handed from person to person. Attached to a magnet or a key chain, an opener immediately gains twice the exposure and doubles its functionality. Worried about budget? PinSource has options ranging from stock shaped aluminum openers with screenprinting, all the way up to totally custom, 3D cast metal in full detail.

  • Key Features

    Bottle openers are available in an array of stock shapes that can be laser engraved or printed with your design or logo. For a more customized option, choose from one of our pin manufacturing processes and treatments to create something totally unique.

  • Popular Uses

    Bottle openers are a great choice for corporations, universities and more. They are perfect as a retail item, or distributed as a giveaway for events such as company picnics, homecoming, or any event where your guests will be enjoying drinks.

How Are Custom Bottle Openers Made?

Depending on the direction you choose (either a stock item OR a totally custom opener), your design is printed or laser engraved onto an existing opener, in a stock color and shape OR it is molded into the product using a diestriking or casting technique, plated in your choice of metal, and colored with filled enamel or printing. Your sales rep will be sure advise what’s most appropriate for your design, deadline and budget.

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