The Pinsource Client Experience

The Pinsource Client Experience

At PinSource, we’re dedicated to delivering a seamless customer service experience from design to delivery. We take pride in designing the best pins, coins, lanyards, patches, medals, and more, in designs that are as unique as our clients.

We work with clients of all shapes and sizes. From baseball teams to babysitters’ clubs, military to medicine, we’ve been designing and producing pins for over 30 years. One of the best parts of our job is hearing what our happy clients have to say. We reached out to Olivet College to find out what they thought of their PinSource experience, and we’re glad to share their feedback with you!

Pinsource: Describe your company/organization?

Olivet College: Olivet College is a private liberal arts college located in Olivet, Michigan.

Pinsource: What was the purpose of the pin design project?

Olivet College: Our pin design project was for a series of lapel pins, made to recognize our most generous and loyal donors.

Pinsource: How did you choose PinSource?

Olivet College: PinSource was recommended to us by a recently retired staff member who had a great experience working on projects in the past.

Pinsource: Describe the process of working with the PinSource team (pin specialist, design, production?) How was your customer service experience?

Olivet College: Although our order was somewhat complicated, the experience with PinSource was very straightforward. We already had a concept in mind and the design team turned around proofs in a very reasonable time. When we had issues, our account manager, Matt Marshall, went the extra mile to make sure we were completely satisfied with the final product.

Pinsource: Any feedback on the products?

Olivet College: The final product is exactly what we imagined. Although it doesn’t get much attention, the external packaging was also excellent, well-cushioned for safe delivery.

Pinsource: What would you recommend or highlight to companies/businesses looking to create custom pins?

Olivet College: Although the pin specialists will be able to assist with the designs, I’d highly recommend having a solid idea of what you want the final pins to look like before you begin. Even a rough design wouldn’t hurt to make the whole process go smoother.

Thank you to Olivet College for choosing PinSource and providing your insights to help our customers create their own pin making experience!

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